Best 4 Marble Cutters in India 2020 - Review


#1 Bosch GDC 121 Marble Cutter 5 Inch

  • The marble cutter has optimized dust insulation and unique air flow cooling design which gives it good durability 
  • The ergonomically designed handle is best for fatigue-free use during vertical cutting
  • It has a wide base plate and high working efficiency due to powerful 1250 Watt motor
  • The Lock-on button helps you to drill continuously safely
  • The Standard wing bolt given helps for easy cutting and depth adjustment

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#2 iBELL Marble Cutter / Multi Purpose Cutter 1050W

  • It has a safe and sturdy operation and its powerful motor helps in smooth cutting operations
  • It has a 1050 W motors with13000 RPM which can do rotary motion and pulsating action
  • The marble cutter has a small, lightweight and compact design for easy movement
  • It has a ergonomic design and has good weight balance which reduces fatigue and helps you operate it securely

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#3 Bosch GDC 120 Professional Marble Cutter

  • Due to its 1200 W motors it can be efficiently used for marble cutting process
  • It has a user-friendly design and has a wide base plate and optimized water device adaption
  • Due to standard wing bolt you can do cutting with depth adjustment
  • It offers Fatigue-less usage for vertical cutting due to compact and ergonomic handle structure
  • It has a wide base plate which helps in safer task completion
  • The advanced dust insulation system keeps the powerful motor in a good condition for a long time

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#4 Akshar Marble Cutter Machine

  • This multipurpose cutter comes with 1050 watt and comes with optimized dust insulation 
  • It is Lightweight and can be used for easy operation with maximum working comfort
  • It has a standard cutting speed of 13000 rpm for flexible cutting
  • The high capacity gear set ensures less vibration and also operates on lower noise 
  • It has Ergonomic designed handle with a wide base plate
  • It has an easy to adjust depth gauge for precise cut and also allows users to cut at various depths

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