Best 5 Air Purifiers in India - Review 2021

#1 Mi Air Purifier 2S

  • MI air purifier is simple & elegant in design. It comes in a new compact design that just takes 10 minutes to circulate clean air in a room or big hall. 
  • When you turn on the device, the DC motor utilizes 4.8–31 watts power to perform the cleaning operation within a range of 400 Square feet.
  • Internally, it is equipped with aerodynamic pressure system to pull out air from the base and expel it out with a great force.
  • The 3-layer HEPA filter in the purifier removes harmful toxins and PM2.5 present in the surrounding atmosphere. Additionally, it also features a real-time Air Quality Index monitoring & MI smart app controller to adjust the airflow rate, and switch to on/off modes.
  • On purchasing the MI air purifier, you get air purifier with filters, power cord, 1-year warranty card and a user manual.

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#2 Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier

  • The Philips 1000 series AC1215/20 air purifier is a perfect choice for the indoors and bedrooms.It comes with both the allergen mode and auto mode.
  • The VitaShield IPS (Intelligent Purification System) technology is the prime feature of this air purifier which differentiates it from other brands. 
  • Fine particles as small as 0.02 microns and 99.97% allergens is filtered by the VitaShield intelligent purification system of this purifier. This air purifier also provides 100 percent ozone-free natural filtration technology. For people with allergies, this air purifier is a great device to have as the allergy-causing compounds are removed by the allergen mode.A hassle-free air monitoring and purification are also provided by the Auto Mode, based on PM 2.5 levels indoor.
  • The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of the device is 270 m3/h. One also gets an assured warranty of 2 years with this product.
  • The fan speed sound of this air purifier is only 33db, which is very low noisy. So one can sleep comfortably without any distraction. Child Lock Feature is also provided which prevents any unintended changes in the settings by kids . Real-time air quality is sensed and display by the four colour quality indicator.

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#3 KENT Aura Room Air Purifier 45-Watt with HEPA Technology

  • This device is extremely easy to operate. This air purifier uses the HEPA technology of Japan. Most of the hazardous pollutants are removed by this tested and proven HEPA technology. The HEPA filters are also antibacterial coated. By using a three-stage mechanism of diffusion, interception and impact, it manages to remove 99% of particles in the air.
  • The pollutants which are larger than 0.3 microns such as mould spores, tobacco smoke, pet dander, dust mites and pollen are trapped by this 3 stage HEPA technology. 
  • Suspended particulate matter and PM 2.5 which are present in indoor air can also be removed by the HEPA filter. Any foul smell or odour present in the air can be absorbed by the activated charcoal filter.
  • The air purifier also has an inbuilt ionizer which manages to keep the air fresh and lively.The negative ions which freshens up the room air are released by the inbuilt ionizer. These negative ions traps the pollutants on an electrically charged collection plate near the ionizing unit & forces them to stick to any hard surface. The air quality is shown in 3 colours by the air quality LED display and the in-built sensor. Blue colour is for excellent, pink for good and red for poor.
  • The air purifier has an alarm system to indicate the need for a filter change.This air purifier is having a 8-hour timer with Auto-off function. The purifier also has filter change alarm and one-touch child lock feature. The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of this air purifier device is 180 m3/h. This is 35 x 18 x 48.2 cm. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 1 year on this air purifier.
  • After using the device, one can be assured that the air you breathe is completely free of bacteria and other disease-causing allergens. 

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#4 Honeywell HAC25M1201W 53-Watt Room Air Purifier

  • The Honeywell HAC25M1201W Air Purifier can help maintain the quality of the air at your home or office clean. The coverage area of the air purifier is ample for average-sized rooms. 
  • The air purifier can also be easily shifted around from one room to another as it has a compact design. The ozone-free technology the purifier uses ensures that no harmful gases are emitted into the air.
  • The durability and life of the filter are one of the best in this segment. The sleep mode has an ultra-silent operation which ensures minimum noise and is suitable for bedrooms and office spaces. The panel indicator also gives one an idea about the air quality and the settings configured. 
  • The filtration process includes a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter that helps in removing both large and small impurities in the air. The air flow of this purifier is strong and covers all corners of the room.
  • The air purifier also has an automatic mode that makes smart responses based on the air quality. The child lock function is useful if small kids are present in the house.

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#5 Philips 2000 Series AC2882/20 56-Watt Air Purifier

  • This Philips air purifier helps in spreading clean and fresh air to a maximum coverage area with high CADR rate.
  • The device is made with Vitashield IPS material in an aerodynamic design thus it prevents from breaking. It has 3 automatic purification settings- general, sensitive allergen mode and powerful bacteria & virus modes to clean air within a range of 440–450 Sq.ft.
  • CADR rate shows the volume of purified air per hour which is 333m3/hr . The purifier uses Nano protect filter to eliminate the dust particles, harmful gases like benzene & formaldehyde.
  • The AeraSense sensor technology identifies the PM2.5 particles and processes information to an indicator for maintaining ideal air conditions in a room. Besides, it also allows the users to customize the fan speed in 3 turbo modes-high, medium and low.
  • This air purifier lowers the sound level and fan speed for allowing a comfortable sleep with the help of ultra-silent sleep-sense mode. As per one’s preference, the lights of this air purifier can also be turned off or dimmed. Real-time feedback of indoor air quality is shown by the 4 step colour ring and numerical PM2.5 indicator.
  • One gets a 2-years of warranty on this Air Purifier.

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