Top 5 Best Body Massagers in India - Review 2021

#1 GHK H25 Magic Complete Body Massager

  • It is a hand held full body massager that is very easy to use and it shows good results for all types of pain
  • It has unique rapid rotation action and its powerful massage helps to relieve pain and loosen up the stressed and tight muscles.
  • This massager can be used on all parts of the body like waist, neck, shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, low leg, etc
  • The massager comes with 7 changeable massage heads that provides different massaging action and also stimulates acupuncture treatment

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#2 JSB 03 Body Massager for Pain Relief with Powerful Vibration

This is a powerful hand-held body massager which is uniquely designed with a therapeutic approach in mind that helps to provide a soothing effect and also relieve pains and aches in our body
This hand-held massager offers versatile functions which make it useful for relieving different types of pains and discomforts
This massager comes with 6 attachments or heads that provides different type of massage as per user requirement
The dual head design of this massager allows the user to relieve a wide range of motions and massage
A massage intensity controller is also present on the body of the massager that allows the user to control the intensity level of the massage
One also gets a with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer 

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#3 Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager for Back, Leg and Foot Pain Relief

This massaging device recovers one from pains by featuring 3 strong massaging heads, motor, and proactive fabric coverage
The Rolling head provided gives a deep tissue massage to your body
The Scraping head provided massages the body with a scraper effect and hence removes the dead skin
The Wavy head provided eliminates the muscle fatigue with a soft and pleasant feeling than rolling head
The presence of these 3 changeable massaging heads makes the body massage relaxing and pain-free
The ergonomically designed strong motor is very portable and one can take it anywhere they want
There is also an option to adjust the time as per the users convenient and comfort. Proactive fabric coverage is very easy to unzip during the cleaning process and is possible to replace old with new cover
One can lose weight with this body massager because it mainly focuses on reducing the muscle mass quickly
It also acts as a head massager by removing the protective cover and then rotate anti-clockwise and then push up the device
Thus it helps protecting the skin and prevents hair damage
Besides these features and functionalities, one also gets 1-year warranty on buying this product
A digital thermometer absolutely is given free with this massager

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#4 Lifelong LLM36 Powerful Double Head Body Massager

  • This Lifelong body massager has a rubber grip that helps you with firm, tight and non-slipping grip
  • Lifelong Body Massager has a portable design that is capable of full-body massage at self and it feels a spa-like experience at your home
  • It’s vibratory intensity can be controlled by the speed button situated on the side portion of the body massager
  • The device can been attached to 3 sets of changeable massage heads that is specifically designed for different massage effects such as blood circulation, relieves muscle pains and fatigue
  • A human body has 30 pressure points symbolizing entire body are located on the palm and feet which can be stimulated using this body massager
  • Using this body massager one can ensure smoother and relaxed muscles on few usage
  • One can get 1 year warranty with this product

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#5 HealthSense HM210 Toner-Pro Electric Handheld Percussion Body Massager

Healthsense Body massager comes with multifunctional and replaceable 3 massage head i.e flat, wavy, ball and microfibre massage head.
The all multifunctional percussion full body massager for relieving pain and weight loss.
This stylish and lightweight device allows one to carry it around easily. Beside that, another feature provided is a protective mesh cover that removes the hair complexity and provides relaxation during the massage.
It is provided with a Built-in unique design and superior plastic quality for long time durable. It also has a 1.6 m long cord to cover a large area.
Healthsense messager also provides limited one-year off-site service warranty

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