Best 3 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in India  -  Review

#1 iRobot 900 Series Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

  • This Robotic Vacuum cleaners can clean floors everyday with minimum efforts
  • The AeroForce cleaning system can provide upto 5X more vacuum power on all floor types.
  • It works very well in carpets and is ideal for pet hair
  • The Dirt Detect sensors can target areas with high concentration of dirt till all of it gets captured
  • The Debris Extractors prevents hair from clogging and cords from tangling in the suction head
  • iAdapt 2.0 navigation will be able to covers an entire floor of your home including each corners
  • The iRobot HOME App allows you to clean anytime from anyplace, you can see maps of where your Roomba has vacuumed, 
  • You can also schedule cleaning up to 7x per week and customize the cleaning preferences

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#2 iRobot 300 Series Braava 390t Floor Mopping Robot

  • This robotic vacuum cleaner can works on all hard-surface floors including tile, vinyl, hardwood and laminated ones
  • It is Quiet enough to operate without disrupting your daily activity or sleep
  • The NorthStar navigation system works like an indoor GPS that can track where Braava has been and where it needs to go
  • The robotic vacuum cleaner can cleans dust and dirt along walls, skirting boards, furniture, edges and other tight areas
  • The Charging cradle is sleek in design and has a compact storage and can charge the Braava in just 2 hours

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#3 IRobot 600 Series Roomba 671 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

  • The Adapt navigation helps to navigates under furniture and around clutter
  • The iRobot home app can help you to connect the vacuum cleanerto clean from anywhere
  • You can preset it to clean on a schedule up to 7x per week
  • It has a 3-stage cleaning system which has a combination of agitation, brushing, and suction

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