Best Convection Microwave Oven in India - Review & Features | Microwave Oven Buying Guide 2021

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The microwave has now started to be seen as an essential home appliance in almost all the households, why not be so, because it is quick, quick-tempered for Bachelor, or for a housewife to reheat the food again and to prepare special dishes. It has made many tasks of our daily kitchen easier than ever before.
After this, if you are thinking of buying a microwave recently, but it is difficult to decide on the basis of your needs, whose choice is made, today we are going to simplify this problem. Today we are going to tell you some essential things that keep in mind while buying a new microwave oven.Keep these things in mind when buying
Size of microwave: Microwave size can be selected according to the people, food for which is being made. Suppose your family has 2–3 members, then a small size microwave (18–20 liters) will be the best. Similarly, a large microwave will be needed for cooking for a large family with high power. It is the most popular in mid-sized microwave (20–23 liters) market.
Brand: Some well-known brands like Samsung, LG, Toshiba, IFB make microwave ovens. Except IFB and Godrej, all the heating elements and three tier warranty on the body, as well as one-year warranty. After this, keep in mind the cell service of different brands.
Automatic sensors: Autonomous sensors, avon automatic shutters when the sensor feels that the food has been cooked completely. It prevents food from being too hot.
Power rating: High power rating means less time to cook. Large size microwaves usually (1000–1600 watts) while small size microwaves use less power (800–1000 watts).
Control Panel: It is better to buy a microwave with both mechanical or mechanical and touch control panels. The touch control panel has to be handled with care because it is likely to fail. Most companies have started providing mechanical control panels for their microwave nowadays.
Child Safety Lock: This is an essential feature that should be taken into consideration for buying a microwave oven, whose family has small children. This electric lock system prevents any type of accident from the accident.

#1 IFB 20SC2 20-Litre 1200-watt convection microwave oven

This model of IFB is special because of its feature and budget. This LED microwave with LED display with stainless steel made of Kvity and Clock helps defrost very fast. In it, you can cook food at different levels in different ways. Not only this, but you also get ten kind of temperature level and ten types of power level, so that you can create many things in just one microwave. It has a 1200 watt power capacity machine which has 1 year warranty, besides 3 years warranty on Magnetron and KVitti. In this model, you get three modes like microwave, grill and conveyance, on which you can easily do grilling and bake etc. besides cooking.

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#2 LG MC2841SPS convection microwave oven

The most striking thing of this model of LG is its stainless cavity that does not come out like coated cavity. It is a multi function based microwave that can be run on solo, convection, grill and combination mode. Especially for cooking Indian cuisine, this is a great microwave in which you can cook food with a variety of methods. The capacity of this model of LG is 28 liters. This microwave with 3100 power watt comes with two types of racks and pans. In it, you can cook about 87 types of Indian cuisine at five power levels, specially for two stage cooking and cooking facilities. Options such as child lock and membrane control type are also provided for safety.

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#3 Samsung MC28H5025VS Convection Microwave Oven

In this microwave you can cook in various ways at 40 to 230 degree Celsius. In this, you have the facility to keep the microwave pre-heat and hot with eco mode, in which you can keep the food cooked for a little longer time. Fast defrosting is easy. Its capacity is 28 liters, which runs on 2900 powerwatt. With this microwave you are also getting turntable, pizza base, tawa, crusty plate, high rake and low rack, which has one year warranty. In it you can make food crisp and crisps through Graeme and Worm air circulation. At 200 ° C, this microwave works of tandoor in which you can make Tandoori Roti and Nan etc. at home. This is a great conveyance microwave running on low power consumption.

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#4 LG Convection Microwave Avon (MC3286BRUM)

 It is with a charcoal lighting heater, which can be said that it is rarely seen in microwaves. The charcoal heating grill actually increases the water absorption and cooks more nutritious food.
Apart from this, there is a Diet Fry feature which allows snacks to be cooked easily in less oil. On the other hand, with its pasteurized milk technology, it boils milk without losing milk or without losing nutrition. At the same time, Indian Roti Baskets can be cooked easily with Naan, Lacha Parantha, Tandoori Roti, Thepala, Missi Roti and Appan.
It also has an intellowave technology which is better for making Quive Healthy food. This is with motorized Rotaseeri, which grilling is absolutely perfect. Please tell that this microwave is with 32 liters capacity and its output is 900 watts.

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