Best 3 Pocket Spring Mattress in India 2020  -  Review


#1 Springtek Eurotop 8-inch Pocket Spring High Density Foam Mattress


  • This mattress gives you the good comfort and support for your body and gives you the feel of Hotel Mattress 
  • The foam used in the mattress provides you proper support even on edges
  • This mattress can be used for any body type and any sleeping style
  • This pocket spring mattress has padding underneath the top layer and it covers the entire top surface of the mattress
  • With this mattress you get 15% more sleeping surface area and no sagging at the outer edge of your bed 
  • This mattress comes with a 8 Year Limited Warranty 

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#2 SleepX Exceller Memory Foam Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress

  • The Specially engineered memory foam used in this pocket spring mattress gives you relief in your pressure points 
  • It is Luxurious and Comfortable mattress and gives you good support
  • The Pocket spring system in addition to the foam layers makes it ideal for proper alignment of your spine during sleep 
  • The Knitted top fabric gives a premium look and feel to this mattress
  • You get a large Sleeping Area with Edge-to-edge support

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#3 Wake-Up 8 — Inch Pocket Spring Mattress

  • This mattress provides you with good spine support due to its proper make of hard spring system and non-woven fabric
  • It offers you medium-firm feel which is perfect for back or stomach sleepers
  • This mattress is responsive and it conforms to the natural curves of the body without the sink in feel of memory foam 
  • The top layer of knitted and quilted fabric gives a premium look and also provides you with a soft touch to the mattress
  • The mattress has comes air ventilation technology which keeps it hygienic and clean from dust mites, fungal and allows air to move freely to ensure warm in winters and cool in summers
  • The mattress has one side hard and one side soft and it comes with multiple layers of foam densities which relieves pressure points

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