Luminous Solar Panels —  Review and Buying Guide

About the Brand

Luminous is one of the best brands in the field of solar power and has been manufacturing solar products for more than thirty years.

It is one of the most reliable solar company due to its good market hold and has a great service and dealer network. Luminous has a strong foothold in every Indian region in the domestic, residential, commercial and also in the industrial solar market

The company has a robust R&D technology and with continuous innovation and they deliver quality solar products

Luminous Solar Panels — Use Cases

Generally, people choose solar panels for any of the following three reasons- either they want to save money on their extremely high electricity bills or if they are living in an area where there is not enough electricity supply or if they care for the environment and want to save the environment by choosing green energy.

Solar panels require minimal maintenance, and it provides you with continuous supply of electricity. Luminous solar panels can be connected to your home inverter to produce electricity from sun rays to use it in your home. It can be used to operate different home gadgets such as lights, fans, fridge and TV. It also helps in reducing electricity consumption and managing your electricity bills. You can also get a subsidy from the Indian government by installing a solar panel at your home.

Types of Solar Panel by Luminous

Luminous manufactures two types of solar panel — mono crystalline and Polycrystalline

Mono-crystalline — Mono-crystalline solar panels are the premium category of solar panels and they are known to produce more current compared to poly-crystalline solar panels.

The higher grade of silicon used in this type of solar panels makes them most efficient of all solar panels that are available. They have an efficiency ranging between 15%-20%.

Their higher efficiency ensures that they can produce more power while taking up less space.

But with all these benefits aside the Mono-crystalline solar panels are costly than the poly crystalline solar panels.

Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels— These have slightly lower efficiency compared to Mono panels but on the other hand, they are also cheaper than mono panels. Unlike mono-crystalline Silicon solar panels, poly-crystalline solar panels are made of wafers of silicon put together.

Solar panels of this type have efficiencies ranging between 12%-18%. They are also cheaper than the mono-crystalline silicon solar panels.

Types of the Luminous solar system

Off-grid solar system

In this type of solar system, the solar system can be connected to the primary grid if required. The solar system consists of solar panels, solar inverter and solar batteries.

They work independently of the network, and thus it enables the storage of energy in battery banks, which can be used to supply electricity to households using a solar inverter.

This type of solar system is ideal for areas with acute power cuts, where the main electrical power supply is unreliable.

On-grid solar system

The on-grid solar system does not need to store electricity and it works along with the primary grid. It is most suitable for a place where electricity consumption is high. By using a solar system for electricity needs, it reduces the total consumption of primary grid and thus reduces the electricity bills

Hybrid solar system

The hybrid solar system is a combination of an on-grid and off-grid solar system. It uses battery banks in inverters like an off-grid system and connects to the on-grid as well

It also provides you with uninterrupted power supply even during night time. This system does not require electricity from the primary grid during the day as solar energy takes care of your power, and during the night, the energy stored in batteries takes over.

How to Select the Best Luminous Solar Panel

Power Requirement: Solar Panels comes in wattage from 40 watts to up to 370 watt. So you have to first decide what kind of device you are going to power with the panel, and then select according to the panel’s wattage

Size: You get variety of size of solar panels. Before choosing one, it’s better to know how much space available in your roof or garden and where are you going to place it. A 100 watt panel will take up around 10 sq.ft space, similarly a 300 watt panel will take up approx. 30 sq.ft space

Efficiency: The efficiency of a solar panel is calculated by the amount of sunlight it converts into electricity per unit of area Higher the solar panel efficiency, the more electricity they will produce in a given time

Durability: The durability of a panel is determined by its strength to endure heavy rains, hailstorms, high winds, excessive pressure. You should select a solar panel having high durability

Luminous Solar Panels Features and Benefits

Luminous solar panels are BIS compliant and Grade A silicone cells are used in panel come integrated with power reflector that can redirect sunlight back from the cell and leads to upto 5% more power generation

Anti-PID technology is used which optimizes solar cell production process so that the negative effects of leakage currents are eliminated which helps the panel to reduce power loss due and further help in improving its efficiency

The Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) encapsulation layer ensures solar cells are stringed together firmly on tempered glass of panel. This multi-layer EVA encapsulation provides better protection to panel which prevents them from having any loose ends and thereby keeps it firm

A high quality anti-reflective film is coated on the glass of panel which improves the panel’s transmittance level by reducing the reflecting capability on the surface of the glass. This helps in preventing reflections from the front and back surface of the panel and thus increase the amount of light absorbed into the cell.

This panel comes with Silver Anodized Aluminium Frames which are sealed with the help of sealant. It helps in protecting the panel from air bubbles, dust and moisture and also firmly keeps the module attached to the frame.

A completely sealed junction box is provided with this solar panel which is waterproof, dustproof, no foreign objects can enter it which can tamper connection. The Junction box also comes with IP67 rating which means it will offer maximum corrosion protection and water resistance.

With Luminous Solar Panels you 25 years of performance warranty and 5 years and 12 years of product warranty on solar panels below 300W and above 300W respectively which ensures you will not have to worry about your solar panels in upcoming future years.

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