Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier VS Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier  -  Comparison

In this article we will compare two best air purifiers from Phillips and Honeywell that you can use in India. 

Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier

  • The Philips Air Purifier Series 1000 can automatically monitor and purify your room air. 
  • Through it’s Night sensing mode you get constant air quality monitoring and clean air delivery while you sleep. It is also quiet as whisper which helps you and your family to sleep better.
  • It has a clean air delivery rate up to 270 m3/hr and can effectively remove ultra-fine particles as small as 0.02um. Also it can filter out harmful gases such as formaldehyde and TVOC
  • The extra thick NanoProtect HEPA provides superior purification efficiency against airborne particles.
  • It’s smart air sensor can detect PM2.5 levels and boost the air purifier’s speed to deal with the pollution
  • The color ring on it’s dashboard gives you a clear view on air quality by 4-step color grading ranging from blue (good allergen and particle level) to red (bad allergen and particle level)

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Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier

  • This Air Purifier has a clean air delivery rate of 300 cu.m/hr which can clean a room of size up to 36 Sq.m in just 10 minutes
  • You get Air vents on all sides of the purifier which ensures enhanced suction of polluted air. 
  • The 3D air flow technology makes pure air reach the farthest corner of the room
  • It’s Aerodynamic fan design also ensures lowest sound level and helps you to get a sound sleep
  • It can measure the real-time pollution level inside your room with the help of PM2.5 meter onboard the purifier
  • It has a Three stage advanced filtration system with combined patented HiSiv and HEPA filter that can remove pollutants with more than 99% efficiency,
  • It has a High filter life of 3000 hrs which can work for a year if used for 8 hours daily
  • Power Consumption is also low and consumes power equivalent in the range of 1 to 3 CFL bulbs

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