Best UV+UF Water Purifier in India 2021 -  Review

#1 Kent Ultra storage 7 litre , UV and UF water purifier

  • This water purifier has a water level indicator in storage tank and is suitable for wall mounting 
  • The double purification by UV, UF removes dead bacteria, viruses and cysts from the fine pores of hollow fiber UF membrane, thus providing 100 % pure safe and tasty drinking water, which will be ideal for consumption
  • It is suitable for low TDS water since KENT ultra storage is based on UV and UF technology which does not remove dissolved impurities and is suitable for use where inlet water has low TDS(total dissolved solids)
  • It has two computer controlled alarm the filter change alarm and UV fail alarm.
  • The Time-based filter change alarm notifies the user to change filters and the UV fail alarm alerts the user when the UV lamp becomes inefficient

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#2 Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb 6.5-Litre Table Top/Wall Mountable UV+UF White Water Purifier

  • The Mineral Guard technology retains essential minerals like calcium and magnesium naturally present in water, which ordinary water purifiers deplete, giving you healthy water
  • The LED display acts as a smart indicator and also assists you in hassle-free operations
  •  The silver impregnated carbon cartridge removes residual organic impurities and inhibits the growth of disease causing bacteria
  • The Invasion free tank lid with its tight sealing will protect the purified water from insects and external contamination
  •  The 6.5 litre storage capacity helps you to get instant access to purified drinking water even without electricity
  • It can be wall mounted without the need of a stand

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#3 KENT Maxx 7-Litres Wall Mountable/Table Top UV + UF (White and Blue) 60-Ltr/hr Water Purifier

This wall-mounted water purifier uses double purification technology of UV and UF to provide safe and germ-free water
The transparent detachable storage tank makes it easy to clean the appliance with ease
 The water purifier is ideal for cleaning water from all sources so that you get safe water for all domestic purposes
The filter change and the UV change alarms indicates the time of replacement of filter and UV lamp for safety and convenience
It comes with a detachable storage tank for on-site cleaning which can be done without the help of a technician
The water purifier comes with a high storage capacity of 7 litres and ensures continuous supply of purified water even in the absence of electricity
The water purifier is made from ABS food grade plastic that maintains the quality of purified water. The push-fit design of the water purifier prevents leakages

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#4 Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance 20 Watts UV+UF Water Purifier

  • This UV purifier best suited for water with low TDS, which does not taste salty
  •  Its 7 stage purification system makes sure that your drinking water is safe, healthy and crystal clear which will be free from disease causing bacteria, virus and protozoa.
  • With Advanced Mineral guard technology you can remove the contaminants like lead, pesticides, while retaining essential natural minerals
  • The Mineral Guard technology prevents scaling formation on the membrane, thus ensuring that it rejects excess minerals and retains more of the essential minerals which are beneficial
  • The Heavy Metal Remover removes all heavy metals like arsenic, lead, mercury and pesticides 
  • This Water Purifier can dispense water even without electricity which provides you with purified water even during power cuts

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