Best 4 Kitchen Sinks in India  -  Review

#1 Silverline Low Radius Stainless Steel Sink

  • This Kitchen sink is made from premium-grade Stainless steel with 18–20% Chromium & 8–10% Nickle, a heavy-duty material which gives it good durability and reliability
  • It is designed to maximize the volume of the bowl, also keeping the aesthetics of the kitchen intact 
  • 10 mm thick steel is used which makes the sinks less vulnerable to denting and bending even after receiving knocks from utensils
  • A Special grade sound-suppression pads and undercoating on bottom & all walls is present which absorbs sound 
  • It also protects against condensation build-up inside kitchen cabinets and helps to maintain sink water temperature

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#2 Zinzer Granite Quartz Acrylic Kitchen Sink Single Bowl

  • This Kitchen Sink is made from 80% mineral Quartz & 20% acrylic and is made with unique Polymerization casting technology
  • The complex molding technology & the automated control system for monitoring process parameters ensures highly strong and unique material properties for this kitchen sink.
  • The Kitchen sink has an excellent & lasting surface finish with elegant looks
  • It is scratch & abrasion resistant and can withstand high temperatures & thermal shock for highly abusive kitchen use
  • Dirt does not stick to the surface & it is easy to clean and hygienic

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#3 10x Luxury Kitchen Sink

  • This kitchen sink is made up of Dent-resistant High Grade stainless steel 1.2 mm thick for superior strength and durability
  • The drainage is good with a gently sloped bottom that prevents standing water inside the bowl
  • The sink is Optimized at an angle which keeps glassware from falling when placed in the sink
  • It absorbs vibration and reduces noise when the sink is in use
  • The Extra-thick rubber sound dampening pads covers over 80% of the sink base which helps in noise reduction 

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#4 Prestige Oval Bowl Stainless Steel Vessel Sink

  • This Kitchen Sink has a rear drain which increases workspace in the sink and storage space underneath
  • The Stainless steel kitchen sink will offer added protection from the everyday wear and tear caused by breaking glassware, scraping cookie sheets and heavy pots
  • It is made up of heavy gauge fully mirror polished steel and has a dimension of 18 inches width, 10 inches height, 24 inches length

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