Best 3 Atta and Bread Maker in India 2020  -  Review


#1 KENT — 16010 Atta and Bread Maker

  • You can use any kind of flour with this atta and bread maker to make basic bread, quick bread, French bread, gluten-free bread, rice bread and wheat bread
  • It eliminates the need to use bare hands for kneading, so you need to add water, flour of your choice and this appliance will prepare your recipe conveniently for you
  • With the help of 19 program menu, you can also prepare items such as sticky rice, dessert, jam, cake, bakes, rice wine
  • The design of the appliance makes it easy to operate and its detachable components are easy to clean 
  • You can also make chapattis and puris with its automatic mixing and kneading

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#2 Lifelong Atta and Bread Maker

  • You can make chapattis and puris with its automatic mixing and kneading
  • Also you can customise ingredients by using different types of flour and make healthy varieties of bread such as Brown, Wheat or Oats Bread
  • It has Adjustable crust control light, medium and dark which you can use 
  • It has an LCD Display and has 19 pre-set menu options and one touch automatic operation
  • It comes with non-stick removable baking tin for easy cleaning and easy storage 

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#3 Sharp Table-Top Bread Maker

  • This bread maker comes with 12 pre programmed functions that can bake fresh bread with even textures and also prevents the loss of nutrients
  • It comes with two loaf sizes options 700 grams and 1000 grams with 3 crust colour light, brown and dark choices for you to make the best bread as per your taste
  • It also has a fruit and nut dispenser that releases the nuts at the optimum time for fresh bread with full of nutrients 
  • With this bread maker you can make gluten free bread which will increases your energy levels and promotes the digestive health

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